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What is 'Driver Ready'?

Funny you should ask!

As part of its plan to get Tasmania moving again, the Tassie Government has funded a limited number of free driving lessons in support of new learners just starting, or those that have just failed a Practical Driver Assessment.  

Eligible learners will either a) receive an SMS from State Growth advising them of their eligibility or b) be handed a flyer by their Driver Assessor with details of how to access their free lesson.

This is a short term injection to stimulate the driver education industry and will end approximately in November, or when the money runs out, whichever is sooner.  The free lesson must be given by a State Growth Approved Driving Instructor.

For info from the horses mouth, visit the State Growth page here.

Launceston Driving School has an Approved Driver Ready Driving Instructor, or you can go to the List of Approved Drivers at the State Growth website.

Do not contact your preferred instructor unless you have received the SMS or been given a flyer otherwise you will probably not be verified by State Growth.  You can of course contact your driving instructor for a regular paid driving lesson.