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What is 'Driver Ready'?

Funny you should ask!

As part of its plan to get Tasmania moving again post Covid-19, the Tassie Government funded a limited number of free driving lessons in support of new learners just starting, or those that had just failed a Practical Driver Assessment.  

Eligible learners receive advice from State Growth advising them of their eligibility with details of how to access their free lesson.  This was a short term injection to stimulate the driver education industry and ended on December 1, 2020.  

At this time, there are a number of learners that received the above mentioned advice but have yet to use their free lesson.  Its not too late, but the driver Ready door will close very soon.

There is another free lesson that has replaced the Driver Ready freebie, called the Plates Plus free driving lesson.  The eligibility criteria is different to Driver Ready with potential learners needing to apply for, and take part in, a free Keys 2 Drive lesson to qualify for a Plates Plus lesson.  While the K2D lesson requires the learner's Supervisor to also be present for the entire lesson, the PP lesson does not.  It is a normal instructed driving lesson covering whatever the learner and instructor deem necessary.