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'Learner Practical Test Removed To Streamline' - The Examiner, April 23, 2020

Posted on 23 April, 2020 at 2:15

The titile of this page was the title of an article in todays Examiner.  I had heard a whisper that the L2 PDA was probably getting canned, and this article below confirms it. I am guessing it will take effect when the Driving Assessors come back post-Covid 19.

' Learner Drivers on their L1s will not be required to take a practical test to receive their L2 licenses.  The state government made the changes to not disadvantage learner drivers looking to attain their P Plates, according to Infrastructure and Transport Minister Michael Ferguson.  "Importantly this will also reduce the need for Learners to visit Services Tasmania shopfronts.  It will also reduce the costs of obtaining a license," he said.

After three months on their L1s, a person can apply for thie L2s online.'

This will reduce the load on Service Tasmania's driver assessors, plus freeing up assessments for P Plates that were being used for L2s.  There was no mention of hours required, though I have heard another whisper that the 30 hours required for L2 will be added to the P1 requirement for 50 hours to make a total of 80 hours of logged, supervised driving.

Stay tunerd for further info!


Tony at LDS

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