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Don't Fool Yourself by Falsifying Log Books

Posted on 27 February, 2020 at 21:20

I was disheartened to hear from a young bloke who smiled at me, knowing I was a driving instructor, as he told me it was easy to write false entries into a log book and not have to spend so much time accumulating hours.

What a shame.  This kid will probably end up being another statistic in the 'less than 6 months experience' column in a table of people killed or seriously injured in motor vehicle accidents in Tasmania.  

Tassie kids actually have it easier than other states.  In NSW, beginner drivers need 120 hours logged before they can do their P1 Practical Driving Assessment.  So why would you think it is smart to falsify a log book that only needs you to complete at least just 50 hours?  

The aim of training to pass a PDA is not just the passing of said PDA, but to continue on after that point, to really learn the little one-percenters that are the differnece between a novice and an accomplished driver.  To self assess and self fix and not writing off themselves and and car-load of friends in a one-car-accident that is a sure sign of lack of experience and maturity.  And the self-congratulatory attitude of kids that falsify log books so they can get tested sooner is scary.

You are not doing anybody any favours.  Experienced Driver Assesors can pick the log book cheats by the very nature of their driving.  Their actions and reactions display the lack of automatic and unconscious responses that mark an experienced operator. 

At the moments, the pass rate in Tasmania is just over 50% as kids  consistently make basic errors - Indicators and Head Checks!  They may say the assessor is being picky.  Damn right they are!  Assessors have this one chance to confirm that you know what you are doing.  That your driving habits are positive, safe, automatic and your situational awareness is where it needs to be, right there, in the game.

When an assesor signs you off as being competent, that you are ready to go solo, he or she needs to be certain in their mind, that is their professional, expert mind, that you are a safe, aware operator.  Because once you have your license, the only way we know as driver educators that we have done our jobs right, is by not seeing you in the news as one more dead P Plater and their 4 dead friends.

And falsifying your log book hours is the first step to getting yourself in the news.

It's just not worth it.


Tony @ LDS

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